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Personal Introductions

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Personal Introductions

We are regularly asked if we can introduce people or provide a list of couples or ladies in a specific area, or asked to hook people up directly.

We do not do personal introductions, apart from the fact that we usually do not know the person asking, we have no idea if you would be compatible with our friends.

The biggest block though is the logistics. We have over 5.5 million members all around the world. We do not know more than a few hundred of these members, so to do personal introductions is impossible.

The quickest way to contact new friends is to send a message through the profiles system. If the member is logged in they receive the message instantly, if not, they will get an alert that they have a new message.

Also to adhere to legal requirements around the world we do not hold personal details of our members apart from their entries in their profiles and their email addresses, so we don't have information to pass to you.

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